You can find on this page the Seattle bike map to print and to download in PDF. The Seattle bicycle map presents the bike routes and lanes of Seattle in Washington - USA.

Seattle bike lane map

Map of Seattle bike lanes

The Seattle bike lane map shows all the bike routes of Seattle. This bicycles lanes map of Seattle will allow you to easily plan your routes with a bike in Seattle in Washington - USA. The Seattle bike lanes map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Seattle is a bike-friendly city. If you are visiting, it is easy to find a ride no matter where you are. Open your Uber app and select the Bike option from the top menu to quickly and easily reserve a nearby JUMP bike. All bikes are dockless and include an electric assist that provides a boost up to 15mph. JUMP bikes are free to unlock and charge $0.15 per minute (see Seattle bike lane map). Another app-based, bike-share service is Lime, offering both e-assist and pedal bike options throughout Seattle. Simply download the app and scan the QR code to unlock a bike for only $1, plus varying rates per minute. Sodo Trail, short, but useful trail that runs next to the light rail and allows you to bypass the busy roads and crappy pavement. Useful for getting to the stadiums from the south, easy access to the light rail.

Downtown, Seattle culture was very much "big city," complete with loud sports fans, fast cabs, and wide streets. There are ample bike lanes downtown, however, and other than the hills, it is a reasonably easy place to bike, especially for anyone coming from the east coast. Everything to the north of downtown seemed to be much tamer, even when there was heavy bike traffic. We saw the usual "upper northwest" mix of 50% athletic bikes, 40% city bikes, and 10% kid-hauling rigs. Tons of kid trailers, trail-a-bikes, and even a few bakfiets made appearances. The newest stretch of downtown Seattle bike lane is now open. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) finished a new section of bike lane last month on Fourth Avenue between Pine and Madison Streets as its mentioned in Seattle bike lane map. The project is part of the city slow expansion of bike lanes — it was once aimed to open in 2018.

Similar to Portland, Seattle is cursed with a great deal of surviving street car rail embedded in the roadways, waiting to flip you onto your sight-seeing touristic arse. When Seattle has created a bike path, and said bike path has to cross such a set of rails, the city engineers have done a great job of turning the path to almost 90 degrees when you have to cross those tracks, making it easy to stay vertical. But out in the on-street bike lanes, there are still some "surprise" tracks out there waiting to show you the inside of a local emergency room. Cut a hard 90 degree angle across them, and if you are able, pop that front tire up and over as you cross. The Burke Gilman covers 20 miles from Fremont to Kenmore, along the north side of the Ship Canal and the west side of Lake Washington as you can see in Seattle bike lane map. It is probably the most-popular bike trail in Seattle. University of Washington Lakeside Trail, this short (1 to 1.5 miles depending on the route) trail runs along the ship canal and Lake Washington roughly parallel to the Burke-Gilman Trail, and through the Union Bay Natural Area on onto 45th where you can rejoin the Burke.